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Everything You Secretly Want From Love, According To Your Enneagram Kind

As Valentine’s looms and stores begin to fill with overtones of red, white, and pink—it must be love on the brain, as Rihanna sings day. And because love is available in all forms, sizes and colors, it’s wise that the nine Enneagram character kinds will undoubtedly be taking a look at love (and their significant other people) in nine really ways that are different.

Just what brings in your heartstrings, centered on your Enneagram type? Keep reading to learn everything you secretly want from love.

Enneagram Type 1 in Love

What you would like: Excitement in addition to opportunity to discrete your internal son or daughter.

The One’s life is prepared out—perfectly spick and span—like all things should really be. Love, having said that, should feel just like the spontaneity that is best-planned’ve constantly wished for. In place of incorporating another task to your to-do list (e.g. “Romantic things with my significant other”), Ones are actually in search of possibilities to ‘love within the minute’ with a partner who allows you to uncover the beauty of work-life balance.

Just what the only secretly wishes from love:

Enneagram Type 2 in Love

What you would like: The reassurance of security combined with radical and honesty that is in-your-face.

Assist!—hearing the term itself is sufficient to ensure you get your gears going and leaping during the opportunity that is next help some body. Exactly what about whenever it is experienced by you one other method around? As a Two, you have a tendency to love love it all in itself: the hugs, affection, gifts and neediness of. Yet, it might be fuzzy about what you really want in a relationship, as you’re laser centered on how exactly to please your significant other.

Exactly what the 2 secretly wishes from love:

Enneagram Type 3 in Love

What you need: Unconditional love and recognition away from work and achievements.

Growing up, you may have learned that “love” is rewarded through time and effort, your achievements and recognition. Accolades. Medals. Social networking likes. Followers. The best way ahead is more or, whilst the musical organization Daft Punk sings: harder, better, faster, more powerful. Secretly however, what you’re yearning for is an unconditionally supportive partner whom embraces your weaknesses, and understands when you should allow you to blow some steam off.

Exactly what the 3 secretly wishes from love:

Enneagram Type 4 in Love

What you need: admiration for your specific talents additionally the additional push to provide you with ahead.

Fours have many different imaginative talents and abilities, but often lack the knowledge or execution that is practical see things through. Someone who can encourage one to run that extra lap on a dreary Sunday afternoon (or wake an hour up previous) will push you in direction of development. In the core, you crave psychological depth and attentiveness. Additionally you want both beauty and brains in somebody, much more than any other Enneagram type.

Just what the Four secretly wants from love:

Enneagram Type 5 in Love

What you need: someone at heart (and criminal activity) who can explore both the esoteric and practical to you.

As a Five, your energy and time is really worth above all else that you know (apart from your bookshelf and journals, perhaps). The love you secretly want brings an mind that is open a youthful feeling of wonder towards the dining table. As a lost wanderer on a mission in an attempt to realize the world, you search high and low for a love that makes you’re feeling strong and in a position to use of the sturdy shell.

Exactly what the five wants that are secretly love:

Enneagram Type 6 in Love

What you would like: Trustworthiness as well as the encouragement that is gentle slowly tread outside your comfort zone.

Life (and love) has a specific method to cause emotions of extreme joy and fear within the Six—often during the exact same time. Your back-up and personal bubble is comfortable, familiar and cozy that is oh-so. A call that is missed over looked text may spring forth new concerns. The love you seek is uplifting and warm, yet grounded in fact and practical.

Just what the Six secretly wishes from love:

Enneagram Type 7 in Love

What you need: A steadfast (yet enjoyable!) stone to pull you right back from possibly scenarios that are dangerous.

As self-sustained and confident you will be whenever flying solamente, Seven, you’ve got a soft spot for the picturesque Disney romance—complete with cheesy jokes and over-the-top music. You might be no complete stranger in terms of thrills and ridiculously risquГ© behavior. The type of love you really miss is a shelter; a safety gear to pull you straight back through the cliff advantage. You deeply want a slow burn instead of the fiery gasoline show although it sounds mundane at best.

Exactly what the Seven secretly wishes from love:

Enneagram Type 8 in Love

What you need: someone who can confidently stand you up and coach you on the particulars of emotional cleverness.

Let’s face it Eight: you’re alpha and also you understand it. You can lead and boss around—ahem—give a few pointers to, you secretly crave someone who’s brave enough to let you know when to sit down while it may seem intuitive (and natural) to find a partner who. Empathy and vulnerability pose great challenges to your ego, so that you require an individual who may lead you down this bunny opening carefully sufficient reason for self-confidence.

Just what the Eight secretly wants from love:

Enneagram Type 9 in Love

What you would like: self-esteem and patience that is unwavering let your assertiveness to unfold and develop.

Patience is certainly one of your strong suits, and yourself crave it in somebody to simply help amplify the hushed voice that is inner is prepared to remain true for the philosophy. Through times during the doubt and conflict, you would like a stable ear to concentrate and provide sound advice. However you additionally secretly desire a quietly thrilling love that withstands the test of the time. Yes, it is a bit contradictory, however these variances provide a love that is true for the all-embracing Nine.

Exactly what the Nine secretly desires from love:

At the moment of the year, we could all share a tad bit more love with this household, buddies, animals, and partners—and sparks can simply travel as Cupid’s arrow travels all around the lines regarding the Enneagram! We encourage one to utilize the Enneagram for the personal ‘love’ development. Do not know your kind? Simply take the test!

Lily Yuan is a character therapy journalist whom tests as INTP and constantly questions her kind. Discover more and reach away at Explore her web log at She also writes for

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Truity’s Personality and Careers Blog.Infographics about character kind, jobs and much more.

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